Frequently Asked Questions

Among what ways of payment can I choose?
We accept cash as well as vouchers Sodexho, Ticket Express Cheque Dejeuner and holiday cheques.


Can you smoke at the restaurant?

You cannot smoke at the restaurant. At present smoking is allowed in front of the restaurant as well as on  the terrace in the peak season.


Does the restaurant have home delivery service?

No, there is no possibility of home delivery.


Can you order at the restaurant if you pick the meal up?

Yes, please phone the number 06-96/529-748 and order in our opening hours. You can arrange with our colleague when you come to our place, so that you can have freshly prepared dishes. Net plus packing.


How can it happen that you cannot often get set courses at noon any more?
We make a number of helpings of daily courses  set before, accordingly their quantities are resticted.


Why can you not have any small portions of all kinds of dishes?
Not all kinds of meals are suitable for making portions of reduced quantities of them. When drawing up the list of these meals, respects of both business policy and technology must be considered.


Why are daily course set similarly every week? For example you can have vegetable dishes each Tuesday although you definitely dislike them.
This is exactly the reason why the daily course is set like this. If you every day have the dish recommended by us, your varied nutrition, intake of proper qualities and quantities of food is  provided. Most of people only choose from what they expressly like, and doing so, their nutrition becomes monotonous. When drawing up the daily course of dishes, popular traditons and religious festivals also play a role but several years of practice is an argument for it as well. In addition, the price of daily course speaks for itself!


Is there an opportunity of parking in front of the restaurant?

Yes, there is. In front of the restaurant there is a paying car park run by Győr-Szol. You can finfd out about the current tariff on the provider’s homepage or in the tables on parking meters.



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